When You Need to Ship Your Canvas

Usually, humidity and moisture is  the main enemy of any paintings. To prevent dirt and water getting on your fine art, is very important  to use an appropriate packaging when moving/ shipping. If it is a painting on canvas, first it is necessary to remove the sub frame  by taking out the brackets and buttons with a pair of pliers. The canvas should be rolled with the picture out.

It is very important, because otherwise you can get cracks on oil paint which are fatal. After you rolled your canvas,  wrap it with a  “breathing” craft paper and placed in a hard artist’s tube. It is the safest place for your painting to move, even if it is an aquarelle on paper because in tube your painting will not get damaged and won’t suffer from weather conditions.

In case you don’t have this special tube, you can use something instead, like for example plastic plumbing pipes ( by the way, even artists are often using it for this purpose); or a wide and straight stick. If using a pipe as a holder, just remember to wrap your canvas with craft paper, place it into the pipe and then wrap the pipe with a stretching film over to make it waterproof from the sides.

If using the stick, the canvas is wound on a stick, then wrapped in craft paper, and finally covered with bubble wrap. However, this method is undesirable for shipping and is more suitable for easy storage, since the protective frame (the stick) is inside and can’t fully protect the painting from damage. Frames and glass should be moved separately, but only after being properly covered with bubble wrap, that you can always  purchase at our  Moving Company Toronto.

There is also another way to pack your paintings. If you don’t want to take your canvas out of stretcher or frame, you may do following steps: cover your painting with craft paper, then apply right size cardboard from both sides and secure them with the tape. Now you can place your painting into the box and then cover your box with a waterproof material. You can place two paintings of same size in one box ”faced in”. Good luck and remember, that you always can rely on Best Movers Toronto!