When The Indoor Plants Have to Follow You to Your New Home

It’s believed that houseplant thrive the best  in ceramic pots, because they are able to pass air, providing roots ventilation. However, ceramic pots are quite fragile and easily breaks on the road, that is why for the transportation you’ll need  some unbreakable containers.

There are two solutions to get rid of any problems: to bubble wrap your ceramic pot with the plant or to switch it to a plastic one same size (so you’ll have to plant your indoor plant into a plastic pot). Also would be smart to stop watering your plant few days before moving to avoid soil spread. Or you can cover the soil with paper. Carefully wrap the stems and leaves with craft paper. This will also protect them from damage.

Big plants in large pots should be handled with an extra care while loading and transporting. They should be placed in the truck last, so that heavy objects could not fall on them if the driver will have to brake abruptly.

Make sure the temperature in the car is comfortable. In hot weather condition, especially on Long Distance Move, is smart to stop and  ventilate the vehicle, and in the cold weather  to warm up the space your plants are in.

After the moving, make a little shower to your plants, plant them back to their old pots and arrange them to desired place. They might feel stressed at the beginning, but Best Movers Toronto are sure that your love and proper care will make them happy again in a while.