Safeguard Your Art with Professional Packaging Services in Toronto

Humidity and moisture pose significant threats to artworks, so using suitable packaging techniques when moving or shipping them is critical for their preservation. Taking necessary precautions when shipping paintings on canvas can protect them from dust and water accumulation that might otherwise damage their condition. Best Movers Toronto understands the significance of fine art pieces, offering helpful advice to ensure safe transport. Safeguard Your ArtStart off by disassembling the subframe, using pliers to carefully take out brackets and buttons, before rolling up your canvas with its picture facing outward to avoid cracking the delicate oil paint that lays underneath it. Next, cover your painting in breathable craft paper before placing it into an artist’s tube; this protective vessel shields it from potential damage or harsh weather conditions while protecting it. If an artist’s tube is unavailable to you, other options exist that could serve as suitable substitutes. Plastic plumbing pipes make great alternatives and many artists use them in this capacity. A wide and straight stick may also make an effective holder; when using pipes, remember to wrap the canvas in craft paper before inserting it inside and covering it with stretch film for waterproofing from all sides. Wrapping the canvas around a stick and covering it in craft paper and bubble wrap, this method of transport may not be ideal for shipping but is more suitable for temporary storage as the protective frame (the stick) cannot adequately shield against potential damages to your painting. If your artwork includes frames and glass components, it would be wiser to move them separately for transportation with adequate coverage from our Moving Company Toronto. Another method for packing paintings involves leaving them on their stretcher or frame. Start by protecting the painting with craft paper before attaching appropriate-sized cardboard pieces on both sides, taped together securely. Place this protected artwork into a waterproof box – two paintings of equal size “faced in” can even be put inside one box for ease of transport! Best Movers Toronto is committed to protecting and safeguarding the artwork you value most, following these packaging guidelines will guarantee it arrives safely at its destination. Best Movers Toronto wishes you the best of luck during this process and remains available for all of your moving needs.