How To Move Your Pets

Hello everyone, let’s talk about moving with pets. keep in mind, that  a relocate for a pet is always stressful. It’s almost impossible to get rid of this stress completely, however you definitely can facilitate and accelerate your pet’s adaptation process to a new place.

Here are some tips from Best Movers Toronto on how to correctly move  an animal (mostly dogs and cats). Hopefully, it will help you to move safely together with your pet. The first problem which pet’s owners are usually facing during the move, is animal’s curiosity. Our fury friends love to be involved into the process and follow everybody.

To avoid any problems, misunderstandings or injuries, try to find a safe place for your pet. It can be an isolated room (just don’t forget to supply your pet with food and water), or you can find a nanny for your pet, or bring him to your friends, relatives, or even to a pet hotel. Now, it’s time to set up your pet’s personal stuff, like toys, his bowls, litter tray, accessories, pillow etc. Place his old filler into a plastic bag .

The old and familiar smell helps animal to get used to the new house much easier. Before leaving the house, don’t forget to put a muzzle and a leash especially on big dogs; small animals should be transported  in special carriages, according to the weather. If you are moving for a long distance, take with you some water for your pet, especially if it’s hot outside. Don’t leave your pet unattended in the car!

We strongly advise you to not feed your pet densely before and during the move because it can cause nausea. Some animals can tolerate the move easier, if taking some sedatives. But before you give them the medication, you should consult with your veterinarian!!! Arriving to a new place, spread your pet’s things around, making him to understand that this is now his territory. Cheers from  Movers Toronto!  Enjoy your new home together with your pet!

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