How to Ship a Mirror

Everybody will agree that  the mirror is  one of the most fragile item in the house. The larger  size  – the  more problems during shipping. That is why a proper packaging is so important and basically  solves everything. To prevent any damages, our Toronto Moving Company recommend you to get a big roll of bubble wrap.

Cover your mirror with this wrap and do not skimp on material!  Here “much”  – means better ! Secure each layer of bubble wrap with the tape. If you have got several mirror of same size, you can  bind them together, paving the sheets of card board in between. Secure this  stack with the stretching film. Now you should be careful with your mirror when placing it into  vehicle.

You can relax  if using professional movers, but if you are moving on your own, please consider following advice. DO NOT place it on the floor! The best place for a mirror in the truck would be to  attach it to the rails on the wall. If your mirror is valuable and expensive, for example,  an antique or a masterpiece, it is better to use professional movers, equipped with a special tool called  pyramid, which is specially designed for the shipping of flat breakable objects. Best Movers Toronto are at your service at any time, ready to complete any task!