How to Move Properly Your Computer

For many people, personal computer  is not just a fun device , but also a working tool. Anyways, this device is  fragile and easy to damage, so Best Movers Toronto recommend you to learn about computer’s safe and proper packaging and moving in advance.

For sure, you value your computer for the information that it keeps in its “mind”. That is why the very first step before moving your computer should be making a copy of all data from your hard disc. Keep a backup copy with you, or keep it in a safe place.

Now, start the packaging. The best option for it would be computer’s “native” box. If this package is not available anymore, which is more than likely, do not worry! We still can do it!

Unplug your computer, disconnect the mouse, keyboard, as well as all removable wire.

Then, cover your system unit with a bubble wrap. Be generous and apply several layers of this wrap, secure it with packaging tape, then put everything into a right size and padded box. Tighten down the box, widely winding adhesive tape so that both sides get a handle.

With the monitor is a bit more complicated. First, cover the screen with a hard piece of cardboard, so that the tape won’t touch it directly. Now you can easily apply the tape all over the monitor without damaging it. Next, wrap it up with bubble wrap or polyethylene foam, fix it with tape and put it into the box.

Make sure that your boxes have a right size, are padded with paper or other materials before you place your device in. Also, make sure your boxes stand still inside the car, because you should avoid any possibility of falling them on the side.

Our Toronto Movers recommend you to take your computer and other valuables with you, if possible, and drive safe!