Everything You Need to Know About Office Moving

Office move is regarded as one of the most popular services on the market. There are lots of reasons why management decides to move their office: business growth, searching for a better location, desire to save money on renting and so on. When planning your office moving, it’s smart to get professional assistance – for example, use the services of our company.

Why to go with Best Movers Toronto?

Because we offer:

  1. High level of responsibility. We are responsible for your material goods during their transportation and we are responsible for efficiency and quality of our moving performance;
  2. Flexible pricing policy. The exact price of each order is calculated individually, taking into account  variety of factors and individual approach to each client;
  3. Big experience in the field. We are on the market for five years. During these years, we have carried out hundreds of office moves. Our Office Movers Toronto can carry out office moving of any complexity.

How does a professional office move look like?

A detailed planning and professional skills of developing and implementing of this plan are main conditions for successful moving.

Our company offer following services for your office relocation, the cost of which depends on the complexity of their delivery:

  1. We provide all sorts of packaging materials, especially for the most fragile items.
  2. Detailed plan for your move, which will save you from unpleasant surprises.
  3. Disassembling and packing of office furniture.
  4. Particular attention to equipment, documentation, things that have a high material value
  5. Furniture assemblage and placement.

The cost of services we provide varies and depends on:

  1. quantity of transported pieces of furniture
  2. quantity of equipment
  3. location where the loading and unloading should take place
  4. presence of the freight elevator at both addresses
  5. distance from office space to the elevator and much more …

For accurate pricing and preparation of a detailed moving plan, we offer a free estimation service. Our representative will come to your office at any time convenient for you.  We will make a complete inventory of property and will take into account every detail.

For the case of “force majeure”, when you need an instant moving, Best Movers Toronto offers “Express-moving” service. It’s almost perfect if you working on the basis “time is money” because this moving is carried out at night without reducing the pace of work.