Elevator Reservation During The Move

When moving from or to an apartment is very important to think about  elevator availability. Moving Companies Toronto  are facing this problem almost every day when helping people to move. Remember that the elevator is a highly demanded space and also don’t forget that it is often out of order, or might be  used by On-site construction workers. That is why elevator reservation is really important!  To be sure that your move  is well matched up, book your elevator in a couple of weeks ahead. Remember also that booking procedure might vary.

So, find a minute to go to your property management and find all the details about elevator booking. Some managements ask for a special form, some are “ok” with just a letter from you with moving date and time. Their main responsibility is to assure safety to the property and to avoid any complaints from other tenants.

Often, the property management also  asks for a “void”  bank check in case of any damages might occur to the property and will offer  you a certain time frame.  Nobody else can use this elevator during your priory booked time.  The security can do both before and after inspection of the elevator, to be certain no damage was made during the move.

If booking elevator  when moving out from your building, do not forget to book it in your new building too!!!

For example, let’s see an ideal option when moving from one apartment to another:

-from 9 to 11 AM elevator booking  at the current address

-from 11:30 to 1 PM elevator booking  at the new address.

But remember that the time varies depending on: furniture and stuff quantity, how far is your apartment  from the elevator, which floor is your apartment on and how far is parked your moving truck.

Good luck with your move!