How to Avoid Injuries During a DIY Moving?

Probably 90% of people who experienced a DIY moving faced any kind of injuries. The most frequent is when you pull a muscle while trying to lift the box. Personal injury can occur anytime, however being informed and well prepared can prevent these problems!

Several accidents like a stubbed toe or paper cut are most common as well as back injury.  Movers Toronto strongly suggest following most important rules of proper lifting the heavy stuff. In this way back injuries can be lowered. Lifting items appropriately is essential, and listed below are easy methods to follow:

  • Bend your knees, never the waist.
  • Hold the item you lift close to your whole body.
  • Never twist your body.
  • Never lift items over your head.
  • Position your legs shoulder-width
  • Try to have a good grip and pick up using the legs, not your back.
  • Anytime moving a thing, better push than pull.
  • Retain your footing secure.
  • Carry objects slowly; don’t play super hero
  • Work with a dolly to move objects whenever possible.

These tips are recommended by all Moving Companies in Toronto and we hope you’ll follow them!