A Safe Move For Your Utensil

Probably, there is no residential move without having to move utensils. Countless pans, cutlery, tableware, crystal vase and so on! How to pack and move all those items to your new house without any loss and damages.

There are some simple but effective recommendations from Best Movers Toronto. If you’ve got lots of kitchen stuff to move, start from preparing boxes. Get middle size boxes, padding, bubble wrap, tape.

Each delicate item should be wrapped with protective material. Usually, this can be done using paper (avoid use of newspaper, though), but when it comes to glass, say, wine glasses, it’s best to protect them with bubble wrap and tape. Do not overload your boxes, because they  may break or become too heavy.

The optimum weight is about one to ten kilograms fro each box. All the empty spaces inside the box should be filled with  soft cloth or crumpled newspapers to ensure your utensil’s stillness during the transportation.

Do not forget to label “Top” and “Fragile” on your boxes, so your movers would be fully aware of what are they carrying and that it  needed to be handled  with high accuracy and not to place heavy objects on those boxes.

And finally, a little secret from Toronto Moving Companies.To avoid much fuss on the first day in your new house, prepare a separate box with only the most necessary utensils: a pair of plates, cups, forks, tea and a knife so that  upon arrival, you can have a cup of tea and a sandwich.
Enjoy your new home!